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The Missing Link Between your Computer and your Music

  • Turn any 8 - channel DAW interface into a complete studio
  • Monitor control with cue, talkback and headphone amps
  • Unmatched 8 x 2 analog summing section
  • Versatile onboard stereo D-to-A converter

Winner of multiple recording industry awards, the Dangerous D-Box combination summing and monitoring system brings world-class analog summing and monitor management solutions to all DAW-based studios. Music production is evolving, and more albums are being recorded and mixed on location or with mobile DAW rigs. Control room setups can be tight.

The D-Box is the affordable solution for all producers, engineers and musicians who need to trust what they hear, create professional sounding mixes, but don‘t have a lot of space. Using the same mastering-quality components and no-compromise designs as the rest of the Dangerous equipment line, the D-Box delivers stunning sonic performance with 8-channels of analog summing, 2 speaker outputs, 2 digital inputs with on-board D/A conversion, headphone outs, talkback and more.